Some people dream it--TS Performance builds it!

Diesel Performance Electronics for Light and Medium Duty Trucks, Class 8 trucks, RVs and agriculture.
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2017-2018 GM 6.6L DURAMAX L5P TS PERFORMANCE MP-8 PRO 1110208P
Give your 2017-2018 GM 6.6L Duramax L5P an extra 75HP with the TS Performance 1110208P MP-8 Pro!
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Engineered, designed and tested to work with all emissions equipment intact, the Stryker improves fuel economy and adds up to 135 horsepower and 200 ft./lbs. of torque.
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Some people dream it --TS Performance builds it!

TS Performance was opened in 1997 and got its start by supplying customers with anything they desired for their diesel truck. This ranged from chips and programmers exhaust kits, gauges, and intakes. Dennis Perry the owner then began offering his own tuning for the 7.3L Powerstrokes and released his own chip to work with the Ford computer. That chip has now grown to be known as the TS Performance 6 Position Chip and is the most popular and widely used chip for the 7.3L Powerstroke engine. 

TS Performance has also expanded to offer tuning for all light duty truck applications with the MP8 and Stryker modules. The MP8 was released in 2003 and has grown to cover more applications each year. We now have applications for medium duty trucks, agriculture equipment, and construction equipment using the MP8 platform. 

 TS Performance can also save you fuel on your semi. We offer the MPHD module that works with the injectors on Class 8 engines in semis and agriculture equipment. 

 TS Performance is more than just diesel. We manufacture the most advanced data logger on the market.  The Informant Pro will work on any engine you are using. It can be used in drag racing and sled pulling to monitor anything you would like to see. 

 At TS Performance we are always looking to push forward with new and innovative products. We are the leaders in Diesel Performance and Fuel Economy. 

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light duty mp-8 pro

Get the added Horsepower and Torque your truck needs to do the work you expect out of it.  The TS Performance MP8 can give you the added power and fuel economy you need to get the job done.  The MP8 is designed to gain you 100HP on most applications and 2-3MPG savings in fuel economy.  It connects to the sensors on the engine and once removed from the truck, leaves no trace it has ever been installed.  The MP8 comes with a switch you can mount inside the cab to adjust your power if you choose to.  It also comes with a Lifetime Warranty.

Applications Include: Chevy, Dodge, Ford , Jeep, Volkswagen 

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The TS Performance Stryker is based on the same platform as the TS Performance MPHD.  It connects to the injector harness on the engine and monitors the fuel delivery system to determine when extra power and torque is needed.  The power increase can be controlled by a switch that can be mounted inside the cab and can be adjusted while driving.  You can expect to see over 100HP gain and 2-3MPG increase in fuel economy.  All TS Performance products come with a Lifetime Warranty.


Applications Include: Dodge, Ford 

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Luxury Series MP-8 Pro

Get more power and performance out of your diesel powered car or SUV.  The Luxury Series MP8 is designed specifically for your engine to get the most efficiency out of it while giving it that little boost in power you are looking for.  Most applications will see 50HP-65HP gains and 2-3 mpg increase in fuel economy.  The Luxury Series connects to sensors on the engine and does not require any cutting or splicing into the factory wire harness.  Lifetime Warranty included.

Applications include: Audi, Jeep, Mercedes, Volkswagen 

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The Shift Master allows for optimum shifting under towing, performance and economy conditions and eliminates lost performance and potential damage due to improper shifting. The Shift Master is engineered for all 2005-’07 Dodge diesel trucks and installs in minutes.  

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MVP Power Module

The TS Performance MVP Power Module for your 1998.5-2002 5.9L Dodge Cummins works by intercepting the map signal and works with the CAN messaging system to deliver an outstanding horsepower increase of up to an additional 100 horses! Not only does the MVP add horsepower and torque to your 24V, but we are seeing reports of 2-3 mpg gain in fuel economy.

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ford ecoboost ecopro module

The TS Performance EcoPro Module is the perfect choice for increased power and improved economy. The EcoPro connects to the vehicle's MAP sensor and the Turbo Boost sensor on the top of the engine. It uses factory connectors for easy and smooth installation and it is adjustable with a switch that can be mounted in the cab.

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Switchable 7.3L Powerstoke Chip

Switchable on-the-fly performance for your Powerstroke. Over the years, one of the most popular and proven performance chips for 7.3L Powerstrokes has been the TS Performance 6 Position Chip. Why? It works and its inexpensive!  

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Single Position 7.3L Powerstroke Chip

This is what we call our TS Performance fuel economy and towing chip. It comes with a 75 HP setting for your Ford Powerstroke 7.3L. This is the same chip as the TS Performance 6 position switchable chip, the only difference is you only get 1 setting vs. 6 settings and the single position does not include a knob. The idea of this chip is to add some power yes, but to improve the fuel economy and towing are the overall goal. 

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medium duty mp-8 pro

The Medium Duty MP8 is designed to work on your dump truck, bus or RV to help you get our load moving down the road and keep you at the optimum speed to get you the better fuel economy you deserve.  The MP8 connects to the sensors on your engine and can gain you up to 30% more Horsepower and Torque while saving you 15% on fuel economy.  The power level can be turned up and down with a switch mounted in the cab.  For the guys with a rear mounted engine in an RV we do offer a 40’ extension that will allow you to adjust the power gains from the driver’s seat.  The extensions are sold separately based on need.  All applications are based on what engine you are running.  Comes with the standard TS Performance Lifetime Warranty.

Applications Include: Caterpillar, Cummins, Duramax, International,  

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agri-power mp-8 pro

Get more Horsepower and Torque out of your tractor or combine with the Agri-Power MP8. Gain up to 30% more Horsepower and Torque while decreasing fuel consumption by 20%. All modules connect to sensors on the engine with factory style connectors and offer in cab adjustability. Comes with a Lifetime Warranty.

Applications include: Agco, Case IH, Caterpillar, Gleaner, John Deere, Massey Ferguson, McCormick, New Holland, Valtra 

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equipment mp-8 pro

The TS Performance MP8 can gain you Horsepower and Torque you need on the construction site or out in the woods to get work done.  It doesn’t matter if you are running an pan or cutting lumber, we have an MP8 that will help you get the job done faster and more efficiently.  The MP8 will connect to sensors on the engine and can gain you up to 30% more Horsepower and Torque while saving 20% in fuel economy.  Comes with our standard Lifetime Warranty.

Applications Include: Caterpillar, Dynapac John Deere, New Holland, Valmet, Volvo  

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MPHD Heavy Truck

MPHD was designed to work with class 8 engines used in over the road trucks to increase fuel economy.  On most applications we will see ½ - ¾ miles per gallon better simply by plugging our module up.  The MPHD connects to the engines fuel delivery system and monitors the system to give these increases.  You will also see a mild increase in power to get your load moving and to get over the hill in front of you easier.  All applications are based on what engine you are currently running. 

Applications include: Cummins, Caterpillar, International, Detroit, Volvo, Mack, Paccar 

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mphd heavy tractor

The TS Performance MPHD plugs into your engine’s factory fuel delivery system with the supplied harness specifically designed for your engine. It monitors the equipment’s fueling parameters and gains up to 30% more Horsepower and Torque and 20% less fuel consumption. It also comes with a Lifetime Warranty

Applications include: Agco, Case IH, Caterpillar, Gleaner, John Deere, Massey Ferguson, McCormick, New Holland, Valtra 

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Stryker:  Engine runs as smooth as a new sewing machine, no hesitation under any circumstances.  Power gains are very noticeable. I'm looking forward to enhanced HP and TQ when I load my 4500 lb truck camper this spring. TS Performance customer support is 1st class. Highly recommend the Stryker for the 6.7L Cummins. 


7.3 6 Position Chip:  WOW what a difference! Best bang for the buck you could get for your powerstroke! Its a totally different truck now love the on demand power and change on the fly, trans shifts are so smooth! Great product!!!  


MP8 Pro:  I stacked the MP-8 with my Smarty POD and wow what a difference! Easy install only takes five minutes under hood and another 30 minutes or so to mount the box and run the switch into the cab. The truck will now burn the tires off in 3rd gear! 2004.5 Dodge, Smarty, MP-8, boostfooler, 62/13 High Tech turbo, Airdog, ATS transmission, converter , exhaust and intake manifolds, S&B cai, ARP headstuds.